Honest Medical Billing in Folsom


Honest Medical Billing in Folsom

The #1 Medical Billing Company in Folsom that provides revenue for your Medical Billing.

When looking for the Cost-Saving Medical Billing in Folsom, by now you have a solid idea about the practice of medical {billing
coding} in Folsom. Still don’t know much about what those complex codes are used for.

Yes it’s true that we can use diagnosis codes to follow the effectiveness of a particular procedure, their main use in the Folsom US is in the collection process. In other words, codes help us bill accurately and efficiently.

Why don’t we take a zoomed in look at how and why we collect for Medical Billing in Folsom.

Claim Submission for Medical Billing in Folsom

  • We ensure that claims will be entered appropriately by the following business day.  For more information on our money back guarantee, click here.
  • Certified Healthcare Medical Billing will enter your info and submit your paper claims.

Accounts Receivable Posting for Medical Billing in Folsom

  •  Certified Healthcare Medical Billing will post all payments for  Medical Billing in Folsom from patients and insurance companies and properly post adjustments and deductibles for Medical Billing in Folsom.

Follow-Up of Outstanding Medical Claims for Medical Billing in Folsom

  • For any claims that remain open at least 30 days after claim submission, Certified Healthcare Medical Billing will aggressively follow up on the claims to determine why the claims have not been paid for businesses  relating to Medical Billing in Folsom
Medical-Billing-Services-company project manager
Insurance Verifications for Medical Billing in Folsom
  • For any new patients we would verify patient insurance benefits*.  Benefit information obtained will include the following: 
    • Copay and deductible information for Medical Billing in Folsom.
    • Limits on benefits for the year Medical Billing in Folsom.
    • If pre-authorization or a referral is required in Folsom.
Authorization and Benefit Tracking for Medical Billing in Folsom

Using a Billing Service Charging A Percentage for Medical Billing in Folsom?

  • Most billing services charge a percentage of the amount paid by insurance (6-10%).  If you are using such a billing service, STOP throwing your money away?

    Our Platinum Medical Billing Service provides all services (and more!) that a billing service charging a percentage provides but we charge significantly less!

  • Check out the References page on our website to see more than 50 practices nationwide who have been using our service for years and would recommend our services!

Why We Bill in the Folsom area for  Medical Billing.

Visiting the MD may seem like a one-to-one interaction, but in reality it’s part of a complex system of information and payment. While the patient may only have direct involvement with one person or MD, that visit is actually part of a multi-part system.

It’s the medical biller’s job to negotiate and arrange for payment between these three parties. Specifically, the billing company ensures that the healthcare provider in Folsom is compensated for their Medical Billing by billing both patients and payers. We bill because Folsom based healthcare providers that need to be compensated for the Medical Billing out of Folsom.

Insurance Process for Medical Billing Billing in Folsom.

Medical Billing Company
CHBMD is a Medical Billing Coding Services company

Let’s quickly discuss the insurance process for Medical Billing.

Health insurance in Folsom for Medical Billing comes in a number of forms, including:

  • Indemnity for Medical Billing in Folsom , or pay-for-service insurance, in which the patient can choose any provider they want. This insurance is typically more costly, but grants the insured person more flex power.
  • Managed care medical organizations (MCO) for Medical Billing in Folsom: This is a blanket term that includes organizations like Healthcare Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs). Patients have less choices as to which doctor they can see, but their premiums are fixed and are generally lower. Essentially, managed care insurance prevent patient’s choices but also lowers the cost of having medical insurance for Medical Billing in Folsom. This is the most popular form of health insurance in the United States today.
  • Consumer-driven health plans in Folsom
  • When working with Medical Billing in Folsom {take a look} at health insurance in just a bit, and we’ll look closer into the insurance process.

With each of these kinds of insurance, there are {procedures services} that are covered, and some that are not. It’s the healthcare biller’s job to interpret a patient’s medical plan and use this information to create an accurate claim.

Top Reasons of Using a Medical Billing in Folsom. 

Higher Collection Rate of Medical Billing in Folsom

Because healthcare coding and billing in Medical Billing , we have a an increased rate than physicians who attempt collections on their own. In fact, our collection rate of 99.7%, which is one of the best in the medical billing industry.

Quicker Collection Rate for Medical Billing in Folsom: In an age in which banks have basically stopped lending money and cash flow is key, the speed with which you collect money can dramatically affect the operations of your medical practice. We collect money in an average of 22 days.


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