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    I own a multiple practices and had been conducting our billing practices internally. As my business grew, it was difficult to keep up with the collections. I was not able to keep track of billing that was coming in and going out. It got to such a point where we were losing a significant amount of money annually. Ever since we had consolidated all our billing to CHB, we are now streamlined and  capitalizing on every dollar. In this economy everything counts and we are appreciative.  
    Dr. Johnson
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    As my practice grew over the years, we had  maintained in-house billers  in our office. We had all the same patients and a steady flow of business. After seeing that our business was growing but our billing was lacking, it became cost in-effective to keep billing in house. So we were referred to CHB.  After working with CHB, it became so hassle free, low pressure and we could focus on our growing business. Working with a reliable billing company with much experience, resources, they knew exactly what they were doing.  Within months, it became evident that CHB offers personalized service and professional delivery on collections.
    -Dr. Milton
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    Certified Healthcare is one of the most effective medical billing firms I have ever worked with. They are fast paced, communicative, incredible effective and their innovation sets them apart in this day in age.  They are professional and always available when I have a question. When I speak with their billers, I feel like they work for me.
    -Dr. Rosenbaum
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    We've been using CHB for 4 years now, and we couldn't be happier with the communication and their excellent customer service. We can now go back to focusing on the quality of our patient care and not having to worry about billing and collections. Thank you CHB for making our lives so much easier!
    - Dr. Weil

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