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How Our Award Winning Medical Billing Services Are Different

Learn How Our Award Winning Medical Billing Services Are Different. We are 100% USA based local billers, we are very competitive in pricing with companies that outsource for medical billers. We believe in being involved, hands on and communication when it comes to medical billing. That is the pillars in which we have built our business for over 10 years.

Step 1

We will provide a free detailed no cost analysis of your billing practices and identify areas of improvement.

Step 2

We will present proposed a medical billing plan of action and projections as to where we can improve on your billing costs, practices, technology, collections and staff training.

Step 3

We will then work with you to improve billing and coding practices improving accuracy, revenue and overall communications decreasing error and increasing overall profits.

Step 4

We believe tailoring a unique approach to each client and we factor that into our formula. Watch your revenues increase as inefficiencies are decreased with our expert services.

We help you increase
efficiency in your day to day medical billing

Instead of providing a service, we believe in understanding what makes your practice or medical organization tick. We know the in's and out's of medical billing and we have come across all situations that are common when it comes to being a solid, effective medical billing company. We will help you navigate your billing situation and find opportunities to increase collections, improve revenue and overall become more efficient in your medical billing.
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We analyze your needs carefully

Certified Health Care Billing (CHB) can with Medical Billing Services that work. Well-aware that every medical practice is different, our seasoned team of medical billing professionals will meet with you and your staff to pinpoint the factors that make your medical practice unique, and then move on to craft a custom solution.

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We Provide The Best Medical Billing Services

As a physician, you want to focus as much as possible on providing the best possible patient care. But all too often, the challenges of achieving higher productivity and increased cash flow, combined with exacting efforts to comply with changing regulations and guidelines, get in the way. Our medical billing services can increase your practice's revenue.

Why We Are Considered Effective Medical Billers in California?

We think of it as a partnership, our goal is to support you. As your organization grows, we grow.

CHB Medical Billing is a full service medical billing and coding revenue management company that employs qualified medical billing professionals using a proven medical collections and billing process. We add value to your medical business with improved medical billing collections, efficient accelerated payments, and a lower medical billing cost. In many cases we are able to increase client income tremendously. How do we does CHB do it? We do it by making a hands-on approach and deep commitment to make each claim pay out and in time.

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