Years Experience

We have over 10 year track record of success and a ground-breaking medical billing approach.

Claim Follow-up Rate

We will follow up on all your claims no matter how large or small they seem.

Fewer Claim Denials

Up to 65 fewer Claim Denials. Watch your denials drop and your revenues grow.


We serve almost the entire united states healthcare system. We are US based and always at your reach.

Management of Collections

Medicare billing services is the core focus of CHBMD billing. We serve almost all areas of the united states and take pride in our work. As a physician, you want to focus as much as possible on providing the best possible patient care. But all too often, the challenges of achieving higher productivity and increased cash flow, combined with exacting efforts to comply with changing regulations and guidelines, get in the way.

Our Mission Statement

We at Certified Health Billing are proud of our commitment to the highest ethical standards and levels of customer service.At Certified Healthcare Billing, our goal is to provide physicians with cutting-edge billing, coding and collection services. Allowing us to handle your billing functions will give your office staff the freedom to focus on improving and maximizing productivity, as well on the quality of services provided to new and existing patients. This, of course, should lead to increased patient satisfaction and retention, more referrals and higher revenues. What most distinguishes us from the competition is our personalized approach. We know that a successful approach to revamping billing services involves careful attention to a host of factors. We seek to understand the distinctive requirements of each client and work closely with physicians and staff members to implement custom solutions.


Identify Potential

After a commitment-free intial consultation, Certified Healthcare Billing will analyze the financial performance of your practice, submit a detailed report of your current performance vs. what it would be like with our resources..

Medical CODING

Complimentary Analysis

Certified Healthcare Billing will review your contract with insurance carriers, and help you ensure the maximum compensation you are entitled to under the terms of your agreement. Act now and let us show you the benefits.

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