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1Are there any upfront fees?
No, we will provide a free consultation that will assess your existing situation and provide a no-risk evaluation assessment. We are dedicated to analyzing your current situation and creating a plan that is tailored for your medical organization.
2Will someone be watching my practice statistics / financial performance?
Yes. The management team will review your practice financial performance and contact you to discuss any changes or trends along with your feedback and suggestions.
3What kind of interaction can I expect beyond patient account handling?
We are available any time during business hours to answer your questions, strategize, and problem-solve financial issues.
4How do I get my billing to you?
We have a set of procedures that make it easy for you to transfer your information seamlessly. Our state of the art software makes it easy for us to access the files we need without any additional work on your behalf.
5Who will bill our patients for their share of treatment?
CHB will send your patients a monthly statement after their insurance company processes the claim. Patient statements are printed monthly and sent from our toll-free number and your company name and address.

How does it work?

1I have concerns about outsourcing my billing
Providers believe there is more control if you can see people working at the practice location. Believing that because billing takes place on-site means that you have control of your financials leaves you with a false expectation. CHB Billing Services will work with you as little or as much as you desire to gain a firm understanding and create strategy to optimize your practice financials: · CHB Billing Services will review your practice financials and address any trends, problems or corruption. Then we immediately correct all issues that prevent predictable cash flow. · You continue to receive the EOB’s from your patient’s insurance carriers, and share them with CHB Billing Services.
2Is my data protected?
Your records are protected through power outages and server crashes because of our secured virtual cloud, which not only protects your data but acts as a backup in case of emergency situations.
3Can I call to speak to a person?
Your calls will be answered during business hours by our in-house call center staff based in Southern California; not a foreign country, and not a machine.

Who, What, When, Where, How

1What type of reports do I receive?
CHB provides standard reports at month-end (reflecting info from the previous month): • Patient Aging (30/60/90 days of patient data) • Practice Analysis (charges, payments, write-offs, receivables, etc) • Deposit (daily/monthly deposits by insurance carriers) We will customize reports for your specific needs, if you require more monthly data than the standard reports provide.
2How does CHB get paid for doing my billing?
CHB does not get paid until after you get paid! We are paid based on percentage of your monthly collections. At the end of each month, you will receive a bill for our services based on the collections from the month.
3Automatic Eligibility Verification
Our software will enable you to get real time eligibility at no additional cost.
4Who does a patient call with billing questions?
All patients call our toll free number with any questions they may have regarding claims or statements. Any issues requiring follow-up will be managed by CHB. The patient is always treated promptly and with courtesy.
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We are HIPPA Compliant

We are HIPPA compliant. We also keep track of all new code and regulatory changes and automatically update the software.

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