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Providing Medical Billing and Coding Services in Every area of Medicine We provide Medical Billing Services in Los Angeles California and surrounding areas to physician practices, urgent care's, surgery center's and many more.

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We combine the most advanced billing technology with a highly seasoned and accomplished team of certified billers and coders to produce high collections efficiency. When searching for a Medical Billing Services in Los Angeles California, search no more. We have been serving the industry for over 15 years with no outsourcing and competitive rates. In many scenarios, approximately a one-fourth of all medical practice income is lost due to: lack of follow-up; un-noticed missed charges; or a lack of having a consistent approach to billing medical claims.If your practice is among many of those medical companies receiving seventy-five percent of available billing revenue, then Let CHB Medical Billing change this trend.

Contact Certified Healthcare Billing to find out the additional missed income you could be acrewing by using CHB Healthcare Medical Billing Services, you’ll be impressed at our ability to leave no-stone unturned. We charge a simple, straight forward low percentage fee based on the amount that we collect on your medical practices behalf. We get paid only after you’ve been paid. Call us today.


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At CHBMD Medical Billing Services in Los Angeles California, we are dedicated to advocating for maximum collected medical reimbursement for your practice. We want to make your medical organization even more profitable, not leaving any stone unturned.CHB Medical Billing Services can help you capture that missed revenue and additionally followed profits your practice is entitled to. Here are some of the services we offer:

Why Your Practice Need Medical Billing Services based out of Los Angeles, California and the USA

Things to look for that should ask for a change in the way you manage your medical billing practices
Indications that suggest billing problems with your medical practice include: an ever-growing AR balance due to lack of claim follow up; Claims data that is not being logged on a daily basis; Patient statements that are not transmitted regularly; Medical payment posting errors that can really add up.

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Call us today for a live demo in how we can increase your medical billing For your medical practice or organization. Get a live Demo from one of our senior members. No Salespeople: We want you to speak directly to our senior staff in answering your questions on the first call. See why we are the best medical billers both locally in Los Angeles California and in the Nation. No Outsourcing: Unlike other medical billing companies, we do not outsource to other countries.

Medical Billing Services in Los Angeles California

Certified Healthcare Billing Services is proud of our commitment to the highest ethical standards and levels of customer service. At Certified Healthcare Billing, our goal is to provide physicians with cutting-edge billing, coding and collection services. Allowing us to handle your billing functions will give your office staff the freedom to focus on improving and maximizing productivity, as well on the quality of services provided to new and existing patients. This, of course, should lead to increased patient satisfaction and retention, more referrals and higher revenues in Certified Healthcare Billing Services. What most distinguishes us from the competition is our personalized approach. We know that a successful approach to revamping billing services involves careful attention to a host of factors. We seek to understand the distinctive requirements of each client and work closely with physicians and staff members to implement custom solutions.


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