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We combine the most advanced billing technology with a highly seasoned and accomplished team of certified billers and coders to produce high collection efficiency. When searching for a Medical Billing Services team in Los Angeles, California, search no more.

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CHB has been providing Medical Billing and Coding Services in every area of Medicine based out of Los Angeles, CA, serving medical providers nationwide.

We provide Medical Billing Services in Los Angeles, California and surrounding areas

We get paid only after you’ve been paid.

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Account Receivable Management

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We work with multiple EHRs

Provider Credentialing

Individual Account Executive

Comprehensive Claim Follow-Up

Management of Collections

EHP Implementation

Resolving Past Due Claims

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By outsourcing your medical billing, you will build your productivity, take entangled charging issues off your plate and enhance your profits. CHB Medical Billing ensures you are paid rapidly and get the cash you are owed. Outsourcing your billing enables you to center around quiet care rather than the agony of doing it without anyone’s help.

CHB will do all the setup on our end. All you need to do is sign up with us and we start saving you money.

We provide you with a Billing specialist who will handle all of your billing for you and help you save up to 49% annually.

We have no hidden fees. All you pay is 3.99-7% of your monthly collections.

No. Everything is included for free. All you pay is 3.99-7% of your monthly collections.

Yes our US based support team is always ready to answer any questions you may have. We are here to make your medical billing experience fast, easy and time saving.

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